Here at Electronics in Motion our core products are our Servodrives, and we have a range of standard drives to suit most requirements. Standard operating mode is Step and Direction, which is a positioning control which emulates a standard stepper motor, however unlike stepper motors they will operate at up to 2 million steps/second, but they are also available in velocity mode for standard speed control applications.  Our smallest drives are used mostly in small CNC Machines where high speed and accuracy are required, but our range goes up to 600W motors which is big enough for quite large equipment.

To compliment our range of Servodrives we also stock a small range of BLDC motors.  BLDC (or Brushless DC) motors have higher power per size than Brushed DC motors, and as they have no brushes they are much longer lasting.  Our motors are supplied in the standard Nema frame sizes, more commonly used with Stepper motors, and they are a direct replacement for Stepper motors on machine retrofits.  We have matched these motors to the drive most suited to work with them, provide all the cables nad connectors required, and set the tuning in the drive accordingly so only fine tuning will be required.

Servomotors are much faster spinning than Stepper motors, all our motors have tops speeds of at least 3000rpm, most at least 4000rpm..  They are also fast accellerating, going from standing still to full speed in less than 0.5sec.  Unlike Steppers they do not miss-step if over-accelerated, the drives just provide more power, and if this is not enough it will stop altogether, stopping all other drives and the software as it does so, so your work is not ruined.

Please note, All Prices are in Australian Dollars.  If you use a different currency please check the conversion rate before purchasing.

As a guide $1.00 Ausralian is aproximately equal to US$0.80

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Series 7

Sales price: $ 176.00
Sales price without tax: $ 160.00
Tax amount: $ 16.00

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50W BLDC Motor & Drive Combo

Sales price: $ 324.50
Sales price without tax: $ 295.00
Tax amount: $ 29.50

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50W BLDC Motor

Sales price: $ 132.00
Sales price without tax: $ 120.00
Tax amount: $ 12.00

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660W BLDC Motor

Sales price: $ 462.00
Sales price without tax: $ 420.00
Tax amount: $ 42.00

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220W BLDC Motor

Sales price: $ 264.00
Sales price without tax: $ 240.00
Tax amount: $ 24.00

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