50W BLDC Motor & Drive Combo

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Manufacturer: Electronics in Motion

The Series 7 is our smallest, yet most popular drive, and the 50W is our most popular motor, so we are offering them together for a special price.

The motor is rated to 24V, 50W, which is 2A continuous, 6A peak.  The Series 7 drive will allow currents up to 6A for a max of 30sec so as to get the best accelleration while keeping the motor working within manufacturers specifications.

These drives come standard with a step and direction input, which makes them ideal for replacing stepper drives.  However they are not reccomended for operation on PC Parallel port systems due to the slow and irregular signals they generate.

Free tuning software is available for tuning, this is a graphical interface which, can be set to trigger on an event, then display not only the commanded signal and the drives response, but the reaction of all the parameters involved, which can then be adjusted to get the tuning perfect.

The motor comes standard with 1.5m cables to the drive, please specify if longer cables are required.

Included in this package are:

1 * Series 7 Drive

1 * 50W BLDC motor

1 set 1.5m long cables

1 * Encoder Converter (To provide full RS485 communications for the encoder signals )

Normal price to purchase these items seperately is A$318 ex tax, $349.80 inc tax


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