Boxford 240TCL Lathe

                    EMCO Compact5 Lathe

CNC Retrofits

We have retrofit controllers for many older smaller CNC machines, such as Adept, Hercus and Emco.   Some of these are sold as a kit for self installation and some require the machine to be sent to our workshops for fitting.  Over the coming weeks we will be putting up more and more info on the retrofits that we have done, and the retrofitting services that we offer.

All the machines you can see on this page were originally supplied with a motion control card that was installed in a PC, they would only fit in old computers and almost all are now dead and gone.  After the retrofit they all run via an Ethernet connection to a standard PC running Windows based software, the CNC Control software is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10, and will be continually updated as new versions are released, thus giving the machines a much longer life expectancy as they are no longer tied to the life expectancy of the computer.

                 Adept Lathe/Mill

            Hercus PC200 Lathe

Modular Systems

Native RTL SupportModular Components makes building anything as easy as building a Jigsaw Puzzle.

We have a huge range of Hardware and Software modules for all aspects of motor control, which allows us to quickly and easily build the system you need.

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