Specialists in Electronics systems for motion control, including Servodrives, CNC Control boards, and Human interfaces for small to medium automation projects.

Unfortunately our shop is currently down for maintenance and updating, if you have any enquiries could you please email us for personal attention.


We stock a range of our Servodrives, common control boards and Brushless DC Motors, everything you need to build a professional CNC Control for almost any machine.


Using these components we have also built a range of Retofit Controllers, usefull for bringing life back to many older CNC machines.


We also offer custom design services from PCB level right through to turnkey solutions.  Well experienced in PCB design, embedded control and FPGA designs we can provide customised solutions, whether for the solution for a single problem or for large quantity OEM manufacturer. 

In buying out the stock and equipment from CNC Teknix Pty. Ltd. we aquired some drives and CNC controller boards, we can therefore offer support for these products.

All our products are our own design and are built here in Australia.

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