Plastic Inject 3500

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Manufacturer: Neo Group
Whether you’re from the jewelry design industry or the medical equipment profession, precision and efficiency is always of the utmost importance. Introducing the Neo PIM 3500-1 Plastic Injection Machine. The next-generation injection machine that leaves all its counterparts in the dust.
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With the quick pre-heating time and a swift injection process, it literally boasts TEN times the speed when compared to traditional wax injection machines.

The plastic models created by our plastic injection machine retain virtually all the details from the original metal mold. When compared to wax, our plastic models boast far better dimensional stability and overall strength. Simply stated, metal molds eliminate a lot of deficiencies associated to rubber molds. First and foremost, the rigidity of metal means your end model will retain a higher level of detail when compared to a rubber mold. Models created by metal molds are also far less prone to warpage and shrinkage when compared to rubber molds, giving your end model more uniformity and weight consistency. The Neo PIM 3500-1 is also designed to work with all kinds of thermal-formed plastic materials.

The work area of the Neo PIM 3500-1 is engineered to work seamlessly with your project. The Self-Aligning Clamp Pad gives you extra freedom to use molds of different sizes, whether you are fashioning a piece of jewelry or a tiny part for medical application, you will have all the flexibility you need.

The Neo PIM 3500-1 gives you a lot of flexibility for a machine of its size. Its compact form factor enables it to sit comfortably on any workspaces, leaving you more room for other machineries.
Our plastic injection machine is built to withstand extended usages. The entire body is constructed to exceed industry standards with aircraft-grade aluminum. The Neo PIM 3500-1 requires next to no maintenance, as the cylinder will always be lubricated, and the stainless steel injection chamber and plunger assembly is extremely easy to clean.

The Neo P4 milling machine is the ideal CNC machine to create your own moulds for this.


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