Our range of Servodrives are specifically designed to provide smooth, fast and accurate control of BLDC motors and Brushed DC Motors, primarily for applications that require fast and accurate point-to-point moves such as with smaller CNC machines, printers etc.   Utilizing the traditional Step and Direction input they can be used to replace Stepper motors in many applications, giving greater power, speed and accuracy while remaining small and easy to install.

As well as step and direction input they are also available with Quadrature input, or with PWM input for use as a direct power output stage.

Our smallest drive is the Series 7, with a 150W Continuous output it is the best choice for most small applications, working with input voltages of up to 48V and able to output up to 10A for short bursts for accelleration it can really drive the motors to their best advantage, while at the same time it protects them by ensuring the peak current does not exceed either limit or time, a feature which is available on all our drives.


Our Largest drive is the EMD-80, which is capable of driving motors up to 1KW and with input voltages of between 48V and 200VDC.  This drive incorporates many safety features such as short circuit protection, over current protection and overtemperature protection.  It also comes mounted on a large aluminium mounting plate for easy mounting on an external heatsink. To ensure the best compatability it is best to purchase your drives and motors together so that we can pre-configure most of the parameters.

All our drives are user tunable with our free software.  This software provides a graphical interface to show how the drive is performing, and allows you to edit the parameters, but the biggest problem with tuning software we have found it knowing which parameter to adjust!  So now, unique to our drives, our software also provides a graphical interface to show what each of your entred parameters is doing, so you can see at a glance what is going on and adjust to get it right.  This should make it the easiest drive to tune on the market today.   

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