The CNC controller is the centre point of any CNC control as it connects to the computer on one side to the machine, peripherals and interfaces on the other.  It can be as simple as a breakout board which connects to a PC Parallel port, or more complicated with an ethernet interface and built in motion control and customized logic.   It is this component which determines how your machine will operate and how you can interface with it.  All our control boards and breakout boards have embedded FPGA processors to allow for easy customization of logic, or signal routing.  We also offer a large range of plug in accessories like input boards, output boards and human interfaces to fully compliment the controllers in almost any application.

Please note, All Prices are in Australian Dollars.  If you use a different currency please check the conversion rate before purchasing.

As a guide $1.00 Ausralian is aproximately equal to US$0.80

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